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It’s done 2013-Mar-20 at 13:22 PDT

Posted by Scott Arbeit in Blog.

Sitting at Starbucks on Mercer Island, watching hard rain and wind alternate with breaks of blue sky and sun. It’s a typical Spring day in Seattle. Didn’t sleep well. Coffee just kicking in.

Had the phone call at 10:00 AM. Traffic was bad this morning… I just made it in on time. (It’s poor form to be late to one’s own execution.) I brought an empty box in with me. Packed up, and left.

Then I went out and had a pastrami omelette for breakfast. Wrote the goodbye email while I was waiting for the food. Yummy, awesome way to transition out. Pastrami cures many ills. (Probably causes a few, too, but not in moderation, I hope.)

Activating my profile on Dice now… get the new search going. Making a few phone calls, reaching out to a few people.

Just after I hung up from being laid off, in this alternating rain and sun, a rainbow appeared to the west. It was too faint to capture in a picture (wish I could have included it here) but I saw it, and that’s all that matters.



1. Geoff - 2013-Mar-20 at 13:50 PDT

I loved your commentary on this in the previous post. My heart is with you just because there is some pretty severe conditioning we all hold around this, especially modern, American males. This happened two times in my life. The first time, it nearly happened. I was in a panic about it. I took the afternoon off and sat by a fountain trying to figure out what to do. I scrambled like I was trying to save my life and I managed to find a place to land in a related business. The second time, I let it happen and it was an essential part of one of the most transformative times in my life that lead to the remaking of many of its foundations and of the birth of PI, among other things. I saw the seeds of that that kind of transformation in the openness you express. Still, it doesn’t always feel that way from the inside. Lots of Love

Scott Arbeit - 2013-Mar-20 at 14:23 PDT

Thanks, Geoff. I’ve been through the scarcity/money reaction before, too. Having done it and processed it before made this one a lot faster to go through. And, yeah, just letting this all happen and moving forward. It was good that I had a little warning… got the freakout over with last night. Today was really easy to deal with. Much love, sir….

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