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I’m back… 2010-Aug-29 at 14:16 PDT

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This is the obligatory “I know I’ve been neglecting the blog” post.  I’ve been on the road for a month, including three weeks at the UZAZU Teacher Training, and I have to say that it was intense and fulfilling and just didn’t leave much time or headspace for blogging.  And that’s OK… it’s all part of the same flow that I’ve been in, and everything unfolds as it should.

I still have a few days left on the road, but I have space now to do some thinking and writing again, and I’m really wanting to get to it.  So much to pour out now… I feel like I couldn’t write fast enough to get it all out.

The plan for September is to be home as much as possible and just write and read and do a little more research and just inhale and exhale information with as much flow as possible.  After spending so much of the summer away from Seattle, a large part of me just wants to be there and not leave… of course, life intrudes and some of the trips I already know I have to take, and ones that I vaguely know must come, will appear.  All I can do is to enjoy every day in my beloved Ballard that I get to be there.  Speaking of… I should be home by Wednesday.


The 2010 UZAZU Embodiment Retreat (and road trip) 2010-Jun-20 at 14:13 PDT

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I had two of the best weeks of my life just now.

The first week was the UZAZU Embodiment Retreat. UZAZU is… well… that’s the first problem.  UZAZU talks about pretty much everything, but at an energetic level.  It’s a system of sound and movement combinations that allow you to get the felt sense of your own energetic fields.  It can take you from “I think this is possible but I don’t know where to start” to “I’m permanently rewired to feel the Mind-Body Connection in both directions at all times” in 7 days.  Because that’s what it did for me.

Dylan Newcomb and his wife Kyung-Sun (I can say that, because they got married today!) have developed a powerful technique to move someone from intellectually understanding Integral to deeply embodying it as well.  We know that those two groups of people will exist in the Integral wave of development, and having the ability to move that quickly into embodiment is what will help the Integral movement grow as quickly as it will.  And then think of the possibilities of children growing up embodying all of their energies as naturally as everything else a child does.

Dylan’s work modifies Integral theory to take into account, at an incredibly detailed level, how things change when the Mind-Body Connection is fully established.  It also establishes a language to communicate the felt sense of those energies in both individual and collective.  Seriously, it’s amazing, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  I’m so impressed by it that I’m taking the three-week Level 4 Teacher Training in August.  One week of that much fun?  I’ll take three more, please.

And I also developed emotional connections to people in one week that I never would have expected.  What an incredible group of people to be with.  To know that you’ve made lifelong connections with several people in a week is a powerful experience, and I miss being with them.

And in an incredibly beautiful setting at the Glen Ivy Center (the pictures don’t do it justice).

So, yeah, best-week-ever kind of time there.

And then I headed over to Palm Springs and spent a couple of days with my friends and teachers Isaiah and Elena.  Showing up with all of this love and energy from the retreat, and then getting to bask for two days with them in conversation and a sharing of truth and love… how could one ask for more?  It was an opportunity to be reminded of who I am at the deepest level, from people who have no doubt about who they are, and to continue to open my heart to match the cognitive faculties I already had running fairly well.  The felt sense of it was of an embodied, awakened person, ready to step into a new life.

And then I went to San Diego and visited with two dear friends down there, to share in their beautiful expressions of their realizations, and to witness their reactions to my presence.

And then dinner in Los Angeles on the way back north with a friend from the retreat… another very powerful emotional and energetic experience.

I’ll write more deeply about UZAZU in the coming weeks and months, I’m sure, and I recommend it for everyone who knows that there’s more to be felt, more to be heard, more to be expressed from having a deep connection between Mind and Body.

For now, I just want to say how happy I am, how at peace I am, how much I feel taken care of by the Universe, how simple it is to be aligned with the Universe’s calling, and how beautiful it is when the Universe manifests everything that’s required to fulfill those deepest purposes.  There’s effort, but no struggle.  It’s a beautiful ride.

Gratefulness abounds.