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New memory technology from HP 2010-Apr-07 at 22:31 PDT

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H.P. Sees a Revolution in Chip-Making, by John Markoff, 7-April-2010

The researchers previously reported in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that they had devised a new method for storing and retrieving information from a vast three-dimensional array of memristors. The scheme could potentially free designers to stack thousands of switches in a high-rise fashion, permitting a new class of ultradense computing devices even after two-dimensional scaling reaches fundamental limits.

Memristor-based systems also hold out the prospect of fashioning analog computing systems that function more like biological brains, Dr. Chua said.

“Our brains are made of memristors,” he said, referring to the function of biological synapses. “We have the right stuff now to build real brains.”

Hmm… massive computational power? Computing systems that function like biological brains? You don’t say….


One would think Mac users would be offended… 2009-Dec-30 at 08:49 PST

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…by the implications of these commercials.