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One would think Mac users would be offended… 2009-Dec-30 at 08:49 PST

Posted by Scott Arbeit in Blog.

…by the implications of these commercials.



1. ladyimpulse - 2009-Dec-30 at 10:31 PST

Lol well I am a mac, and I am definitely distracted by shiny objects but that has nothing to do with why I chose a mac. A pc is so much harder to deal with, with all of its complications.

2. Scott Arbeit - 2009-Dec-30 at 11:13 PST

I make my living doing architecture for mission-critical systems on the Windows platform… having a Mac for me would be like showing up at a construction site with a swiss-army knife as if I’d be ready to get to work. Everything about the user experience of Apple products turns me off and makes me feel like they’re treating me like an idiot… I love the control I have on the Windows platform to do whatever I want.

But this was just a funny comic… no religious wars implied. :-)

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