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Hi, I’m Scott. I’m from New Jersey, and now live in Seattle, WA, USA. I began programming computers at age 11, began reading philosophy at age 14, and haven’t stopped yet. I was one of the founding members of the Boston Ken Wilber Meetup, and am now a member of Seattle Integral. After a career spent in technology and consulting, I’m writing my first book, entitled The Dawn of the Integral Age.

Over the last several years, I’ve found many people who are aware of Integral theory and who still face the world with a significant amount of fear about the future.  I notice that we’ve got more than enough people at earlier vMemes running around acting out of fear, and that we don’t need any more of that.  Those of us who understand Integral can do better.

The Integral wave of development is in its early days, and yet we can see the outline of the changes it will bring, even now.  We see it in the technological and geopolitical changes that are most likely to occur, both of which allow for a far more optimistic and freer view of the future.  We see it in the development of an Integral Spirituality, the shape of which is just starting to be formed.  We see hope for a global Integral Politics.  We see theories and applications in Psychology, Education, Ecology, Medicine, and Law.

Most importantly, though, we see it in the sheer number of people who will join us at this structure-stage of consciousness: close to two billion people, all over the world, in the next four decades.  Feel that.  That’s what’s important.  Like the post-modern wave of development in the 1960’s and 1970’s, the Integral wave will grow by massive numbers in the coming years, and bring a revolution in awareness to the planet, at exactly the time that it will need it to deal with the incredible (and inevitable) challenges and changes.

My purpose here is to offer the most optimistic and realistic point-of-view on the future of the Integral movement, by setting it firmly in those contexts of technology and geopolitical change over the coming decades, along with – most of all – the spreading of this level of development to that two billion people on Earth.

(This is also my personal blog, so not every post will reflect those topics. I’ll blog about whatever’s of interest to me.  Including baseball.  And Jewish delis.)

If you’re not optimistic about the future, I’d invite you to reconsider.  Dr. Thomas Barnett points to “a future worth creating”… it’s my intention to share a vision – the one that I hold personally – of a future worth creating.

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