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Why I’m Optimistic About the Future – #1 2013-Mar-28 at 01:47 PDT

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I’m going to start doing a regular series of posts with short pieces or videos in them of why I’m an optimist about the future. Here’s the first one.


Those of you who know me know that I’m not a kids-person. I’m not what you’d call “child-friendly”. I don’t really know what to do around them, or what to say. Shrug. I prefer talking to adults.

So, with that confession out of the way, I also want to say that I’m not blind to what’s going on. Some of the kids are coming in very awake, and staying that way. (And many of them have parents who have done enough of their own work to stay out of their kids’ way, so, thank you, parents.) Don’t forget: even if today’s adults can’t pull off everything that they need to in order to fix the world, the kids coming in now will, and within a few decades. All is well.

Here’s one of them:


The impact of the coming medical technologies for children 2010-Jul-04 at 00:55 PDT

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Here’s a 0:50 clip of an 8-month-old deaf baby reacting to having his cochlear implants turned on for the first time, and hearing his mother’s voice:

Cool, right?  Imagine every childhood disease, and every form of birth defect, we have in today’s world.  And imagine that all of them – all of them – are gone in 25-30 years.  Cancer, diabetes, leukemia, deafness, blindness… you name it, it’ll be easily curable.  That’s the power of the nanotechnology and related biotechnology that’s coming.

P.S. Yes, yes, I know, it’s “differently-abled.”  Whatever.  Either way, it won’t be around anymore.