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The presentation is unleashed 2010-Jan-08 at 23:40 PST

Posted by Scott Arbeit in Blog.
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I gave the presentation on The Future of Integral to my friends at Seattle Integral on Wednesday night.  It was the first time I’ve given it publicly to a large group.  Really grateful to everyone who came, and who has given me feedback.  And I’m particularly grateful to those of you who sat through my first two small sessions to just get some practice before I did this one… your help meant so much to me.

I haven’t even been able to comment much in the last couple of days, as I was fairly sick with a cold and cough when I gave the presentation, and my body basically collapsed afterwards.  I was very sick at work on Thursday, got home and literally passed out on the couch, and then stayed home on Friday… as I write I’m about to go to bed for what I hope will be nine or ten hours to try to knock it out completely.

Ultimately, doing this presentation is just telling a story that I hope weaves things together in a coherent and sometimes provocative way.  And, like all storytellers, I have to develop some skill.  I also realize that doing this is a lot like doing comedy… if I’m doing it really well, there’s a wave of energy in the crowd that I get to push and pull on in just the right amount to make everyone feel energized.  I do feel a lot like a comedy writer who just went to do his new routine for the first time… some of it worked, some of the jokes need to be rewritten, and I need to get better at delivering the material either way.

And this is just the beginning… I’m really excited about all of this, now more than ever.  Good things are coming… the future of Integral, and the future of the world, are very bright indeed.



1. Chris Fowler - 2010-Jan-09 at 09:24 PST

Glad it went well, Scott. I’ve heard some conversation; apparently lots of questions being asked… it will be interesting to see if the conversation is picked up and carried, online or elsewhere. That would be a sign of success, I believe. Kudos! I hope you feel better– I’ve had mine about a week now… :(

2. Kabir Kadre - 2010-Jan-09 at 10:24 PST

Congrats Scott ;-)

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