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Dual-core for mobile phones 2010-Jun-01 at 10:26 PDT

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Intel, Qualcomm go dual-core for small devices, by Brooke Crothers, 31-May-2010

Intel said Tuesday at the Computex conference in Taiwan that it has begun producing dual-core Atom processors for Netbooks, a product first for Intel. New Intel technology will enable "very, very thin form factors with dual-core Atom," Matthew Parker, general manager of Intel’s Atom client division, said in a phone interview Friday. Parker said future Netbooks will get as thin as a half an inch (see photo).

Meanwhile, Qualcomm announced that it has begun sample shipments of its first dual-core Snapdragon silicon, targeted at high-end smartphones and Netbook-like devices called smartbooks. The single-core Snapdragon processor currently powers smartphones such as Google’s Nexus One and tablets such as the Dell Streak.

Mobile phones go vertical in speed now.  Today new laptops all have a minimum of two cores… four cores to come soon.  Mobile phones, starting in 2011, also will come with two cores… with more coming soon after.

Mobile phone 2015 = Laptop 2010 in terms of processing power.  But they’ll consume far less electricity and generate far less heat in delivering that computing power.



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