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Sequencing the genome for $1,000 or less 2010-Jul-07 at 18:28 PDT

Posted by Scott Arbeit in Blog.
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From The amazing race for the cheapest and fastest DNA machine, by Boonsri Dickinson, 4-Mar-2010

In the past decade, the cost of sequencing an entire human genome has dropped from $1 billion to $10,000. As companies race to crack the $1,000 genome, the contending DNA machines in the marketplace suggest an end is near.

Now, there are 18 next generation sequencing companies who want to read parts of the DNA code — and they want to do it faster. Everyone is performing at their own pace. Six of the companies have sequencing machines that are working and are available. Six startups have shown their machines work and are expected to roll out commercial machines soon. And the other six are still working on demonstrating their technology.

So, that’s eighteen different companies and machines competing to make the best, most accurate, most cost-effective way to sequence the genome.

Another exponential growth curve in action… it’s only a matter of time until it costs less than $10 and takes seconds to do.  Combine that with nanotechnology-based manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, and we’ve got instant, custom-created-for-you, cures to most every disease we’re aware of today.



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