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The Killers are the next U2 2010-Sep-12 at 08:21 PDT

Posted by Scott Arbeit in Blog.
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There, I said it.

I’m so hooked on this band right now.  Four albums so far, one of them was mostly covers and B-sides, but at least half of each of the other three are amazing pop songs.

And they have a great singer and frontman, like U2.  And the other guys grow on you after a little while.

Great lyrics, and you know they’re feeling their way into talking about spirituality.

And so young.  U2 did Live at Red Rocks after their third album, and The Killers have done their first video, Live From Royal Albert Hall, after their third full album (not counting the covers and B-sides album).  The difference: The Killers have more good songs at this point than U2 did.  Of course, they don’t have a "Sunday Bloody Sunday", but then again, no one but U2 does.

I’m not making any claims about them operating from Second Tier or anything… they might be, they might not be.  But they’re definitely headed in the right direction.  Very impressive early career so far, and I’m on board for the ride.



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