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Mike Portnoy leaves Dream Theater 2010-Sep-08 at 20:51 PDT

Posted by Scott Arbeit in Blog.
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Not sure what to say about this… just have to share that it sucks, and it hurts.  I’m still a Dream Theater fan, I’m still a Mike Portnoy fan, I’m definitely looking forward to whatever DT is going to come out with that’s so important that they couldn’t take the hiatus that Mike was asking for… I mean, this had better be the best album they’ve ever done.

And I only wish them all the best.  And I just can’t imagine Dream Theater with Mike, but I can’t wait to see which drummer has big enough balls to step into Mike Portnoy’s shoes and learn the entire DT catalog of songs and play three-hour concerts and write an entire album of music with the best hard rock musicians on Earth.