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The world is more peaceful than ever 2010-May-30 at 17:43 PDT

Posted by Scott Arbeit in Blog.
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Chart of the day: Battle-deaths in state-based warfare since 1946, by Thomas P.M. Barnett, 28-May-2010

One of the many bases I cite for the argument that state-on-state war, when compared to the great expanse of human history, has pretty much gone away.

I try not to link to too much of Dr. Barnett’s stuff, mostly because you should all be reading his blog already, and also because I feel like I want to link to most of his blog entries, since I agree with almost all of them, so how do I choose?  Here he links to the miniAtlas of Human Security, which has some amazing information.

For instance, the number of deaths in state-on-state warfare has dropped to a historically low level.


Deaths in non-state conflicts also showed a remarkable drop from 2002-2005.


Meanwhile, the number of democracies in the world has skyrocketed, while the number of autocracies has plummeted.


It all adds up to one overwhelming fact: the world is more at peace today than it’s ever been.  With globalization clearly taking a dominant role in the lower-right structures of governments around the world, and therefore impacting the lower-left cultures of those nation-states, our planet continues to grow more peaceful as the years and decades roll on.

Much more good information is found in the miniAtlas.